Styles and Tecniques of Massage


Our reflexologists have all been trained in the Ingham Method of Reflexology which uses point pressure on the top an bottom of the feet.  A half hour session is a good way to see if you like pressure point therapy on your feet and is a basic service that will use some pressure point with some soothing massage on both feet.  A one hour session encompasses the full range of reflex point work on the top and bottom of the feet as well as, some soothing strokes in between. A deluxe session also incorporates Hot Stones to increase circulation and sooth the nerve endings in the bottom of the feet. 


Swedish massage is one of the best known and most common forms of massage therapy.  The Swedish techniques combines smooth gliding strokes with kneading and compression strokes to improve circulation and lymph flow. Using oils with or without fragrance the therapist will work muscles to reduce the build up of lactic acid and increase blood flow to help heal and rejuvenate tired tissue. Swedish techniques are of moderate to firm pressure and can be very relaxing.


This massage is an oriental technique of push-pull pressure point massage.  It uses circular movements over the same channels that are commonly worked in acupuncture.  It is very beneficial in balancing the energy flow of the body, which in eastern thought is the cause of most pain syndromes.  With consistent treatment the function of the organs should improve for better health and vitality.

Aroma Fusion Stone Massage

In this massage different size stones are used on and around the body to provide warm relaxation to the muscles.  It is a very deeply relaxing massage that soothes the nervous system and improve circulation. Added essential oils of Lavender, bergamot and blends are available to choose from. Heat is very soothing in many chronic conditions and the stones that are gliding over the tense areas of the body will help to reduce stress and tension often held in posture.  The stones are held in the hands during massage and used for placement as well.

Pregnancy Massage

Massage during pregnancy can help ease the pains associated with extra weight  on the back and leg joints.  You can comfortably lay on your side or in our contoured pregnancy pillow.  We can use different massage techniques to reduce pressure on the legs and lower back areas.  Headaches and digestive issues can also be treated with massage.

Scalp Massage

This is a half hour massage that focuses on the head, neck and shoulders to reduce tension, fatigue and headache pain.  It is very helpful for any condition that affects the head, neck, eyestrain and ear pain.

Deep Tissue

This type of bodywork refers to a variety of hands on techniques that focus on restoring the body's myofascial network.  Very firm manipulation of the muscle tissue using compression and elbow strokes help to loosen even the most rigid and tense muscle structure.  It is recommended for those who regularly receive massage or those who are very muscular.


Medical  Massage Therapy

This type of Bodywork is based on painful conditions that are presented and discussed with the technician.  We may ask for referrals or diagnosis codes from your doctor if necessary.  Some clients and patients have medical insurance or health savings accounts that may reimburse/cover for medical massage therapy.  The Licensed Massage Therapists who perform these treatments have 5 or more years experience, and have worked in various medical offices and clinics. They also have more advanced medical massage therapy courses and continuing education training.  They may use different modalities that are allowed within the scope of practice to help with pain and discomfort, including but not limited to ice, heat, stretches, cupping(if Trained) and trigger point work. The session is scheduled in 15 minute increments and does not exceed 45 minutes.  Your favorite LMT may not be available for this treatment, based upon their training and experience.  Please call us to discuss your treatment options.